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A multi-modal and 100% online imaging viewer

  • ECS View enables the vizualisation of medical images using various different types of access.
  • ECS View Web enables the visualisation and processing of medical images (windowing, measurements, MPR) in a DICOM format without any software needing to be installed, and is optimized for re-evaluation or a second opinion.
  • This web viewer has been developed in accordance with the latest HTML5 standards and is compatible with all types of devices: PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets etc.
  • ECS View Std is DICOM image vizualisation software for diagnostic use with standard tools (windowing, measurements, MPR). It's compatible with all graphics cards on the market.
  • ECS View 3D is DICOM medical image vizualisation and processing software for diagnostic use integrating a range of specialized modules (3D, reconstruction curve, volumetrics).
  • ECS View Remote enables immediate and remote access to medical images located on the production site without downloading them onto a local device.
  • All of the image processing modules (3D, reconstruction curve, volumetrics) are available as remote versions.


  • DICOM multi-modality visualisation (CR, CT, MR, US, MG, etc.)
  • Rapid access to previous examinations
  • Automatic comparison mode
  • Specialised image processing modules available (3D, Curve, Volumetrics, Brain)
  • Speed of processing and access to images
  • Compression to lossless JPEG2000 format (DICOM lossless)
  • Integrated report editing module
  • Creation of key images (KIN)
  • Designed and developed in close collaboration with radiologists