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Your medical records, anytime, anywhere : 10 reasons to deploy Middlec@re

  • Quicker and easier access to patient medical records.
  • Improvements in the quality and efficiency of overall patient management
  • Speeding up and simplification of processes
  • Ease of implementation
  • Information consistency and Centralization
  • Easy to create new documents
  • Traceability of multiple record modifications
  • A paperless solution, reducing the risk of double-entries
  • Reinforced security with Electronic Signatures
  • Complete Statistics menu


Paris Hospitals:

  • Lariboisière Hospital
  • Saint-Louis Hospital
  • Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière

Healthcare networks:

  • Retinopathy


OPHDIAT network (Paris and surrounding area)

OPHCARE (French “régions”)

  • Lymphoma

 LHENABASE network (Nantes University hospital)

  • Cochlear Implant

 IFIC - Parisian Cochlear Implant Institute
(Avicenne Hospital – Paris)

  • Rare neurological illnesses

 CERVCO - Centre for rare vascular diseases of the central nervous system and the retina (Lariboisière Hospital – Paris)

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