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The RetinOpTic project wins an inter-ministry funded call for projects.

Villers-Bretonneux, 13 April 2015


RetinOpTic, a research and development project with a total budget of more than 4 million euros, is led by a university and industry consortium. Evolucare is in charge of the project's IT component and is the second biggest financial contributor, along with AP-HP (University Hospital of Paris), the University Hospital of Brest, the Paris Optical Institute (Institut d'Optique de Paris), Mines ParisTech, Télécom Bretagne and the companies ADCIS, Degetel, and Effilux (manufacturer of the fundus camera).


This project of global proportions aims to develop an innovative device that combines equipment and software for the mass detection of ophthalmological diseases such as diabetic retinopathy (5% of the population), ARMD (age-related macular degeneration) and glaucoma. Early detection is essential for these debilitating conditions: they develop painlessly and therefore often remain undetected while vision changes.


More than 23 million people in France and 250 million in Europe alone are affected. The possibility of low-cost primary detection also means the RetinOpTic can be used in all developing countries.


Evolucare is responsible for developing the IT system (cloud-based platform of services and interoperability, PACS and interpretation console), the quality and EC and FDA certification aspects and marketing for the RetinOpTic. The project also includes the design of a high-performance low-cost digital fundus camera, as well as the design of new algorithms for treatment and image recognition, provided by the high-level versatile teams of the other consortium members.


The RetinOpTic expert system will gradually include all the diagnostics carried out via the cloud-based platform in order to achieve an automatic and reliable screening capability in questionable cases. RetinOpTic will therefore be a strong ally as the number of ophthalmologists goes down while the needs of the population increase.

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