Evolucare Technologies Group

About Us

Evolucare Group is a major player in healthcare IT solutions.

Thanks to 200 employees worldwide, Evolucare delivers its comprehensive range of products to more than 1,800 healthcare institutions.

Evolucare, Information Systems for Healthcare Professionals

Our main products


is a collaborative and interoperable medical exchange platform for clinical follow-up, medical research and telemedicine.

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ECS Anaesthesia 

is a state-of-the-art Anesthesiology EMR Software. ECS Anesthesia provides a proven ROI throughout both pre-, intra- and postoperative phases optimization.

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is a dedicated software specially designed for Intensive Care Units. By managing clinical and unit staff activites at patient bedside and nurse stations, ECS ICU highly improves critical care delivery.

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ECS OpRoom  

is an Operating Rooms and surgical procedures management system, featuring OR scheduling, human and material resources planning, pre-admission consultation, and pré-, intra- and post-operative phases documentation.

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ECS Web Imaging 

is a multi-modality, cross-platform and cutting edge technology medical Picture Archiving & Communication System, also enabled for mobile device image viewing.

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